Supplier Management

ChannelOnline has sourcing integrations with many of the leading IT and CE product distributors (see suppliers). Support includes Product Files, Real-time Pricing & Availability, and Electronic Ordering.

Supplier Updates

Each day, ChannelOnline will import and compile all product catalogs provided to you by each of your established suppliers. Additionally, real-time price & availability can be used to get up-to-the-minute information on imported items.



Catalogs from multiple suppliers, supported and custom, are aggregated into one full catalog from which custom catalogs can then be generated. Supplier-provided, contract specific catalogs can also be uploaded and assigned to specific accounts.


Product Administration

Through ChannelOnline's product information management (PIM), administrators can create, edit, or upload custom SKUs w/ images, service and labor items, bundles, and selectable configurations. Custom products can be designated as public or private and can be assigned to specific catalogs.


Custom Suppliers

Suppliers not automatically supported by ChannelOnline can be added through the Supplier Administration section to offer an even wider range of products and services.

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