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A good quality product with excellent support." - Cami Parks, Director of Mark

Since 1997, Eastern Data, Inc. has been a value-added provider of high quality computer components, systems, servers, and computing solutions. Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, Eastern Data, Inc. maintains a presence throughout the eastern United States and many European markets.

Eastern Data, Inc. began using ChannelOnline in 2005 as a sourcing tool for purchasing, which has assisted them in purchasing products at lower cost. Cami Parks, Marketing Director of Eastern Data, Inc. states, "Sourcing prior to ChannelOnline was very time consuming, and it was discouraging to try to source non-stocked products. ChannelOnline is a fantastic sourcing tool, allowing us to shop 5+ vendors with ease." Multi-supplier support comes in ChannelOnline and includes a unified display of current suppliers' pricing and availability on the product being searched.

Cami admits to trying a competitor's product last year after being proactively solicited to by their sales manager. Eastern Data returned quickly to ChannelOnline after realizing, "it took an hour to do what it took two minutes to do in ChannelOnline." Cami goes on to say, "Eastern Data sales representatives and purchasers refused to use the new application. After hearing that we were going back to ChannelOnline, my sales reps and purchaser came into my office and thanked me."

Because of ChannelOnline's ease of use and timesaving functionality, Cami says that she would definitely recommend the product to other resellers and business partners.

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