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Computer Solutions, founded in 1978, is one of Texas’ leading providers of information technology services. They specialize in system architecting, hardware, project implementation, and ongoing managed services for commercial, education, state, and local government.
While striving to maintain relevance in the constantly changing IT environment, Computer Solutions wanted to stay focused on the things they do best. However, this was getting increasingly more difficult using Excel spreadsheets. Their company was growing, and they needed to be able to leverage an application that could be customized per customer, establish price profiles, and allow for their customers to shop on their own.
It was important for Computer Solutions to find an application with search engine capability, one that integrated suppliers they were already sourcing from, and one that included an ecommerce store. They evaluated another quoting solution first, but their features came up short.
In 2002, Computer Solutions chose ChannelOnline for their sales enablement solution. Director of Sales Operations, Terri Gober, says, “Integration was easy. We had no problem with support during the integration or afterward.” With ChannelOnline, Computer Solutions is leveraging fewer tools to get what they need accomplished. They are more consistent with the final product they’re putting in front of their customers. And ChannelOnline’s flexibility enables them to customize the application itself.
“We estimate our operational efficiency has increased by 25%,” says Gober. “This has given our team a morale boost and has reduced costs.” Gober goes on to say, “ChannelOnline minimizes human error due to more automation and less human touch with order export into our accounting system. The PO auto-fulfill, generic import tool, and copy functionality, along with the ability to back up an ISR, have saved costs overall.”
When it comes to recommending ChannelOnline to peers, Gober says, “I would definitely recommend ChannelOnline for its functionality, robustness, and our continued relationship with the ChannelOnline organization. In fact, when we recently wanted to shop other applications for price, we chose to stay with ChannelOnline due to the storefront capabilities along with proposal integration.”
In conclusion, Computer Solutions has been pleased since 2002 with ChannelOnline and will continue to use the application for their sales enablement needs. Gober summarizes, “The team has done a great job, and it is refreshing to have the same players in the game. That says a lot about the organization.”

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