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"If you are a hardware-central firm, ChannelOnline is it."
- John Noble, CEO

John Noble, Founder and CEO of CompuPartners, specializing in customized IT services and solutions for small and medium businesses in Phoenix, Arizona, has used ChannelOnline since 2008. CompuPartners is distinguished for making IT effortless for their clients. John first sampled ChannelOnline as a solutions architect. Very pleased with the clean and efficient application, he brought ChannelOnline to multiple organizations, most recently CompuPartners, in early 2015.

"If you are a hardware-central firm, ChannelOnline is it," says Noble. Noble and his team have tried several quoting applications, yet it is ChannelOnline they keep returning to. "The other guys may have had slick marketing presentations, but actually using their product proved lackluster. Also, ChannelOnline has better integrations with suppliers. For procurement, it’s a no-brainer."

The sales team at CompuPartners has found ChannelOnline to be user-friendly and easy to learn. Noble states, "With ChannelOnline, very little training is needed. It has a very intuitive design and is easy to pick up. One good user can teach others very quickly." A point of comparison with some other quoting solutions was the customer-facing store. "We are very pleased with the online store. We’ve seen another application’s store, whose 1990’s feel and useless search engine did not meet the cut. ChannelOnline’s storefront is more refined and easier to use."

Noble is aware that what’s on everyone’s mind lately is integrations. "Integrations continue to be a challenge with the quoting solutions we have tried. Even though the other guys may claim they have better integrations, we have found that most times, we are still working within two separate applications. Noble clarifies, " We have found that with ChannelOnline developing CRM capabilities directly within their tool, we are using less of our CRM and more of the CRM functionality within ChannelOnline. We believe in the future ChannelOnline will help us eliminate the need for a separate CRM altogether."

Customer Support is always an important piece to any product. CompuPartners has been happy with the ChannelOnline Support Team performance. "We’ve been successful with communicating issues to ChannelOnline’s Support team, and we are satisfied with response times. I feel like they talk to us. They really understand the question. The other guys want to ticket us to death or refer us to a knowledge base without talking to us at all."

Overall, CompuPartners is happy with ChannelOnline. Noble concludes with, "I believe if anyone has tried ChannelOnline and then goes with a competitor, they will be back to ChannelOnline."

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