Electronically or manually submit purchase orders to, and receive updates from, your distributors, suppliers, and vendors.

Complex PO Creation

Manage complex ordering by combining products from multiple sales orders onto a single PO or by splitting products from an order into different supplier-specific POs. This includes drop-ship, direct ship, and license type orders.


Electronic & Manual PO Submission

When available, purchase orders can be electronically submitted with all order detail to your supplier. For suppliers that do not support electronic submission, you are able to send your PO manually. All updates for either method will flow to your customer's sales order.


PO Updates

Electronically submitted POs will be updated when the supplier picks, packs, and ships the products from their warehouse. POs not submitted electronically can be manually updated within ChannelOnline. 


Shipping & Tracking

All shipping, tracking, and serial information added to a PO will be automatically pushed down to your customer's sales order.


Supplier RMAs

Use ChannelOnline to create an RMA from a purchase order or customer sales order that you can submit to your supplier for approval.

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