Real-time Pricing & Availability

Build personalized catalogs for your customers by taking advantage of ChannelOnline's multiple sourcing integrations, detailed DataSource product information, ability to create custom products, and proprietary services and labor SKUs.

Price & Availability

ChannelOnline's real-time pricing & availability integrations with leading distributors allow you to source products at the lowest cost from the closest warehouse as they become available.


Detailed Product Information

1WorldSync Content Solutions DataSource with coverage for over 1 million IT and CE products is built in, which means no additional subscriptions to pay for.


Promotional Prices

Attain visibility to supplier-supported manufacturer promotions, including the discount offered, quantity required, and promotion end date.


Customer Catalogs

Generate unique customer catalogs through detailed price rules for items, manufacturers, and categories.


Manage Services and Labor

Create one-time or recurring services and labor items to add as line items to your sales documents.


Price Profiles

Build customer-specific pricing rules applied to supplier product costs to ensure customers receive the right price with better overall profit margins.


Contract Pricing

Special pricing contracts or bids (IBM Special Bid, HP Big Deal, Cisco configurations, government contracts) can all be managed through contract imports on the document or assigned to a certain supplier.

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