ChannelOnline provides optional services to make it easier for you to manage your business.

Autotask Integration

The ChannelOnline-Autotask integration enables resellers to import ChannelOnline product, quote, and sales order data directly into an opportunity in Autotask. End-customer company, contact, and sales representative information can also be integrated.


ConnectWise Integration

The integration streamlines the sales process, combining the power of ChannelOnline quoting and procurement with ConnectWise PSA service, enabling quote to opportunity and account detail synchronization.


Custom Supplier Integration

For suppliers that are not already supported in ChannelOnline, you have the option to have them integrated on your behalf through this service. For a full list of suppliers that are already within ChannelOnline, click here.


Customer Purchase Approval System (CPAS)

Using CPAS, end-customers can create a hierarchy of approval for order processing. Once approved, the order is sent to the sales rep for fulfillment.


Punchout Services

Punchout connections can be established between you and your end client. Supported formats include Ariba, Coupa, Oracle, SAP, SciQuest, and others. Learn more.


QuickBooks Integration

Export quotes, sales orders, invoices, and purchase orders from ChannelOnline into QuickBooks (Basic, Premier and Enterprise) for easier accounting. Synchronize your ChannelOnline customer database directly with QuickBooks as needed.


Salesforce Integration

Baseline integration functionality established between ChannelOnline and Salesforce for main CRM data synchronization. 


Shopping Engine Export

Export up to 50,000 catalog items onto other sites (like Google Marketplace) to drive traffic back to your site.


StoreSite Options

Storesite options include the ability to add additional stores for customer targeting, both public and private stores, and support for custom domain names to retain your brand and image.


Two-factor Authentication

Provide an extra level of security by adding two-factor authentication which sends a unique authorization code to a user's mobile device.


XML Connectivity and Support

Automates reporting, import, and export of customer and document activity from ChannelOnline into other 3rd party applications.


Professional Services

If you don’t see it here, please inquire with sales or support teams about conducting a professional services project to meet your needs.

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