ChannelOnline 7.8 Brings Enhancements to Store

Fri, 11/08/2019

On Friday, November 8, 2019, 1WorldSync released version 7.8 of ChannelOnline, the leading sales-cycle automation solution designed to automate key business processes and transactions. The release improves store site administration and frontend display, application user permissions, item rules, and other minor enhancements.

Building upon ChannelOnline’s unique ecommerce store, in version 7.8 the store site has been upgraded with a more streamlined responsive mobile experience, modern designs, with easier to use store setup and administration.
Another improvement made in version 7.8 is the introduction of user-specific access rights in addition to group-specific rights. This new user access makes it easier to designate accounts, documents, and price profiles to specific users. Now, admins can assign individual users to a group on an “as needed” basis and limit their rights to “read only” as needed.

Improved Item Rules allow a set of products to be defined and filtered by using multiple criteria for selection. These saved item filter rules are for use in catalogs and price profiles. Item rules are created using the following attributes: Category, Manufacturer, Price Range and Tags. (i.e, Keyboards from a specific manufacturer within a price range of $50 - $150) Item Rules can also be used to include or exclude products within a specific Catalog or for applying a unique price rule. For example, one can filter for items from one or several manufacturers with a unique price profile (i.e., 60% Markup). End result, more flexibility in catalog and pricing rule generation.

Existing customers please contact ChannelOnline customer service at if you have any questions or want to learn more about this new functionality. Interested resellers may contact a ChannelOnline sales representative at 877.276.5560 for more information about the 7.8 release, subscription details, and fees.

1WorldSync Media Contact:
Debbie Andrews - Vice President, Products

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