Business Document Workflow

From product inquiry to delivery; submit purchase orders from the same interface you use for your quoting, sales, and sourcing activities.

Quotes, Proposals & Sales Orders

Secure business by taking advantage of time saving tools like copying quotes, merging two or more quotes into one, importing a quote, and creating a list of frequently used quotes. Build detailed proposals in response to RFQs. Convert both quotes and proposals into sales orders.


Invoices & RMAs

At a click of a button, invoices can be generated after the sales order is complete and delivered. If your customer needs to return an item, simply select the product from the sales order and create the RMA. 


Supplier Cost & Availability

By pressing the 'Live Cost' button on a product page, quote, sales order, or purchase order, ChannelOnline will refresh the supplier cost and warehouse availability for those items in real time.


Line Item Actions

Manage document lines for comparing products, creating POs, viewing price history, creating on the fly bundles, document formatting, line level shipping addresses and more.


Payment & Delivery

Collect and store key order information like payment terms, shipping method, and handling fees within the company record or on the document at the time of purchase.


Electronic Signature

Email a quote or proposal directly to your customer for quick acceptance via electronic signature.


Custom Fields & Notes

Generate unique custom fields at the document, line item, company, and contact level to be used to collect additional critical data. Plus add additional information to products on a quote through the use of line item notes.

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