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Why Business Reporting Makes Planning Simple - ChannelOnline
  • Why Business Reporting Makes Planning Simple

  • Thursday, November 29, 2018

Information allows businesses to accurately assess the viability and the value of a proposal, and business reporting visibility ensures that all stakeholders are appropriately informed of the goals of the proposal, the potential risks, the costs, and the scope as well as key milestones. This means it is necessary to have software that can accurately create reports for key stakeholders so that they can assess how each proposal is progressing and how it fits into the overall business.

Reducing Risks
Accurate information means that risks are reduced as stakeholders are able to make informed decisions. If costs suddenly spike due to unforeseen circumstances, the accepted proposal can be reassessed in the context of the overall business plan. However, if the software is unable to accurately relay sudden cost spikes until an audit, for example, the company cannot react to the information until it's too late and the project has consumed too much money. This means that business reporting visibility is critical to reducing the risk of the approved project becoming a sinkhole into which money is wasted.

Improving Daily Scheduling
In addition, improved business reporting visibility makes it easier for you to plan your day and focus on what needs to be done. A good reporting dashboard allows you to see immediately the information you need so that you can select the most appropriate course of action that aligns with overall business objectives. It also allows you to reschedule resources when required to meet business goals.

Those using ChannelOnline have access to content in business reports and can also use the dashboard to provide a quick glimpse of the business reports viewed most often. This enables business owners to stay on track with projects and see how they're doing. Good business reporting visibility delivers better accountability and more productivity.