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The Importance of Accurate Product Fulfillment - ChannelOnline
  • The Importance of Accurate Product Fulfillment

  • Thursday, September 27, 2018

Accuracy in all things is vital, but when it comes to product fulfillment services, accuracy means getting the right order to the right customer within the right timeframe. Essentially, it's the cornerstone of all business relations, and accuracy is one of the key things that can make or break your business.

Why Businesses Must Define Accuracy
Part of having a successful business is managing the business appropriately, which means creating performance indicators. One of your key performance indicators should be whether your business is accurately getting its products to your customers. This means defining lead times (and how closely you are sticking to quoted lead times), rating the product's condition when it leaves your store and when it is delivered to your customer, and whether the correct product was indeed delivered. These measurable criteria should give you an idea of how accurate your product fulfillment services are.

Why Must Businesses Rate Accuracy?
Accuracy is a sellable point, and businesses that rate accuracy highly are generally more reliable. While mistakes happen, too many mistakes mean extra work on your client's side, which could lead them to choosing a different service provider. Even if you correct mistakes quickly, it still requires extra work on the client side, as someone must box up your product, send it back, and wait for the replacement item. It's even worse if a production line or a key service requiring your product, asset, or service cannot be delivered, and this sets them back, affecting their reputation. Price isn't everything, and if a business cannot rely on your services, you'll generate a bad reputation very quickly.

This means having a reliable application that lets you manage sales and procurement from a single point. ChannelOnline does exactly that, enabling you to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently and minimize the risk of missing orders when changing applications.