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The Advantages of Using a Hosted Application - ChannelOnline
  • The Advantages of Using a Hosted Application

  • Thursday, February 07, 2019

In the old offline world, the main way to get new pieces of software was to purchase a license, grab a floppy disk or CD, and install it manually. The software would reside on the computer itself, much like operating systems still do, unable to change unless your IT department installed a patch or an update that came on another floppy disk.

How times have changed.

Hosted Solutions
Hosted solutions reduce overhead by reducing the need for an established IT department. While you'll always need people to advise you on what products you can install and solve issues with the network and so on, patching can be handled automatically with a hosted solution, as it never has to enter your network. Instead, the solution is based completely on the cloud, so you don't have to maintain servers or store data internally.

It also increases reliability. Hosted solutions are generally hosted on multiple servers, and the data is copied across multiple servers so that no matter what happens, at least one server will hold everything that you need. Of course, this does come at a very small cost to security, but adequate encryption virtually eliminates this risk.

It also reduces the amount of maintenance that you have to do, as you don't have to monitor, upgrade, and maintain a variety of systems internally. You don't need to have someone initiating upgrades through the network, and you certainty don't have to have someone running around with a floppy disk and maintaining computers before everyone gets in.

All of this reduces cost substantially, as you only pay for a single solution. Maintenance, overhead, server and even helpdesk costs are spread across thousands of users rather than one, resulting in much lower individual cost of implementation. ChannelOnline is a hosted solution with new updates and releases three or four times per year, and has support based in the United States so that you can access reliable help when you need it.