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Streamlining the Sales Process - ChannelOnline
  • Streamlining the Sales Process

  • Thursday, December 13, 2018

Technology has changed the face of business throughout the years. It has gone from producing goods based on cost alone to becoming more service-oriented and being able to adapt to new technologies. Key to that is the idea of seamlessness, where customers have a completely smooth experience from the initial lead to the signing of the final contract.

A Seamless Process
A completely seamless solution ensures that each piece of information that you glean from the client is put in an easy-to-access format in one place. This allows you to compare notes at each stage of the process, and it also means you can see what has happened before and what has been agreed to.

This improves accuracy, a vital concept when dealing with clients. This doesn't refer to just the accuracy of the order but also the promises that you've made in terms of delivery and deliverables. It also highlights any issues that the client might have had previously so that you can be sure that you don't repeat those issues.

Agile Solution
All of this requires agility, and an agile solution enables you to serve the customer better, deliver those key services, manage the infrastructure that's required, and organize the business around your customers as well as key stakeholders. Without an agile solution, you end up being unable to adapt your marketplace or your sales process to meet current customer needs. A seamless solution does not mean that it's a single, unalterable solution. Instead, it means it provides a single user experience across multiple channels, and it can be completely customized as required, yet still provide that seamless experience.

Also vital to the seamlessness aspect is uptime. Customers don't like to be kept waiting. You need to be able to access your sales process immediately. This creates the impression that you are a functional organization that can immediately solve any issues that arise whether you are at the lead stage or at the ordering stage.

Agility doesn't have to come at a cost, however. In many organizations, much of the cost of software comes through the IT department, who has to maintain servers and ensure uptime. They also have to apply updates and solve issues as they arise. A seamless solution that is based wholly online as a managed solution, however, reduces the need to use IT professionals and therefore reduces overall ongoing costs. Because servers can be located in multiple areas, if one server goes down, a backup server can seamlessly take over, providing the company has resources for that.

All in all, seamlessness means that you can get on with collating information and generating reports and that you can accurately engage with your customers at any point in the sales process. ChannelOnline is a comprehensive sales automation application, streamlining the sales process from lead to order, resulting in high-quality outcomes and potentially increasing sales.