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Autotask Integration

Auto Task

ChannelOnline has teamed up with Autotask Corporation to give IT resellers and solution providers the ability to effectively synchronize and exchange data between the ChannelOnline and Autotask platforms. ChannelOnline, a complete sales-cycle automation solution, provides IT resellers and solution providers with a web-based service that automates catalog integration, real-time price and availability, quoting, sales orders, and procurement, and includes an e-commerce store site.

The ChannelOnline-Autotask integration answers reseller requests for the ability to import ChannelOnline product, quote and sales order data directly into an opportunity on the Autotask application. This was the driving force of the integration and provides resellers with the largest benefit of connecting the two applications. Additional features were added to make it simple and easy to use for IT sales and service professionals.

The integration has concentrated on the following key areas of data exchange:

  • End-customer company and contact information
  • Products, quotes, and sales orders
  • Sales representative and employee information 


ChannelOnline has worked with Autotask to build an integration that gives IT resellers and solution providers an effective way to synchronize data between the two applications. Each company sells its products and services independently.

Information and support for ChannelOnline can be obtained via the following:

  • Web: www.channelonline.com. We have more detailed information on our ChannelOnline product page about what sales automation is and how you can register to view a live demonstration of the application.
  • Sales: Contact sales directly or 1-877-276-5560 to learn more about setup and integration.
  • Customer Support: For questions about functionality and training, email or call 1-866-367-2638.

For questions about Autotask, go to Autotask.com.

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