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ChannelOnline has teamed with PunchOut2Go to give customers a way to manage transactions between procurement buyers from any platform (Ariba, SciQuest, Coupa, SAP, etc.) and supplier e-commerce sites.

PunchOut2Go makes PunchOut & B2B commerce integrations easy, providing an adaptable gateway solution to integrate PunchOut-Catalog functionality into existing e-commerce applications plus plug-n-play solutions for popular e-commerce platforms. PunchOut2Go also offers buyer onboarding or transition support for their trading partners. PunchOut2Go’s end-to-end B2B automation is the future of business commerce.

The PunchOut2Go gateway is a punchout catalog gateway that suppliers are able to take advantage of, leverage & adapt. PO2Go connects the dots between buyers and suppliers and offers these services at an affordable price with NO transaction fees, quick deployment and complete flexibility.

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ChannelOnline and PunchOut2Go have been in collaboration for over a year to provide resellers a simple turnkey solution to customer punchout request.

The partnership between ChannelOnline and PunchOut2Go gives clients the means to participate and sell products into large corporations, governmental entities or academic institutions connecting through the user’s eProcurement application (Ariba, Oracle, SciQuest, SAP, Coupa, PeopleSoft etc.)

The punchout solution, being compatible with OCI and cXML formats, allows resellers the ability to provide end customers that have internal procurement systems, easy access to the reseller’s hosted catalog and place orders with ChannelOnline.

Information and support for ChannelOnline can be obtained via the following:

  • Web: www.channelonline.com. ChannelOnline provides additional information on our product page about the punchout process.
  • Sales: Contact sales directly at or 1-877-276-5560 to learn more about the punchout setup and integration.
  • Customer Support: For questions about functionality and training, email or call 1-866-367-2638.

For questions about PunchOut2Go, go to www.punchout2go.com.

Punchout transactions can include simple catalog round trip, order response (PO) and invoice documents. To find out more about punchout services, or for more information about subscribing, contact your ChannelOnline Sales Representative at or 1-877-276-5560

Yes. Please contact a ChannelOnline Sales Representative to arrange for a one-on-one demonstration.

The ChannelOnline Support Team is thoroughly trained to handle all punchout requests or questions surrounding the service. Additionally, you will be provided access to a punchout portal where you can monitor your end customer’s transaction activity. Our Sales Representatives can also provide additional information on the punchout options available through ChannelOnline.

There is a one-time integration fee to incorporate and test a basic punchout connection and a monthly maintenance charge for continued support. Fees are based on the number of transaction types being performed (catalog, order response, etc)

Beyond the standard punchout connection, additional punchout catalogs, Purchase Order, Inventory and other customization options are available. For individual application pricing plans, please contact your ChannelOnline Sales Representative.