ChannelOnline Releases Version 7.0 with Significant UI Updates

Mon, 01/18/2016

San Francisco – January 19, 2016, ChannelOnline 7.0 released to all ChannelOnline customers on January 15, 2016. This release focuses on the development of updated Quote and Sales Order document features, new Organizer module for managing Notes and Tasks, plus the expansion of Account Types. In addition, a new look and feel to certain key areas has been introduced.

ChannelOnline Release 7.0 is a large step forward for the application, founded on the accumulation of many front-end and back-end improvements that will affect how users work and conduct their sales transactions.

Highlights of the new and updated functionality:

  • Updated Quote and Sales Order document features
  • New Organizer Module for managing Notes and Tasks
  • Expansion of Account Types

New User Interface Updates
Changes have been made to the User Interface (UI) to enhance its look, feel and usability. These UI changes organize information, centralize tasks, increase layout flexibility, and allow users to adjust the viewing area. Updates to the top navigation have helped to make it narrower and provide cleaner access to top-level functions. New collapsing and expanding functionality was added to the control panel.

Quotes and Sales Orders
Changes to the Header Section includes layout modifications have been made across all sales documents to organize document related data and reduce the amount of scrolling needed to access them. Improvements include the grouping of similar data elements and better readability.

As part of the effort to make building a Quote and working with a Sales Order easier, the functionality needed to build and format the document was added to a special action bar located at the top of the product table. This bar will lock to the top of the page as a user scrolls, providing constant access to the functionality used most. This change moves away from a single Line Action button into a series of buttons focused on specific functionality.

Account Types
CRM capabilities have been upgraded with the addition of the ability to support and manage Leads, Prospects, Partners, and Vendors along with the traditional Customer account.

Lead and Prospect Support
Leads can be converted to any account type, but Prospects can only be converted into Customers. Prospects, like Customers, must be assigned to a price profile and catalog in order to create Quotes and Proposals. Add-To-Dashboard functionality is activated when the checkbox in the tracking section is checked in account edit. The tracking statistics will be shown along with the account name in the tracking widget on the My Channel dashboard.

The Organizer is an exciting new addition to the ChannelOnline application that strengthens its expanding CRM functionality. With this new module, users can create Notes or Tasks on the fly as they are working on documents or in a specific account. Notes and Tasks are similar in design but vary in some capabilities.

New Supplier - KBZ
KBZ is a Cisco-exclusive distributor with over 27 years in the industry, specializing in Cisco TelePresence, Collaboration, UC, and Cloud solutions.

Updated roughly four times a year, ChannelOnline continues to be a leader with VARs and solution providers for managing business processes. ChannelOnline offers quoting, procurement, and supplier management, along with an ecommerce store.

ChannelOnline, founded in 2001, is the gold standard for quoting software and sales-cycle automation in the IT industry. The release of ChannelOnline 7.0 is an indication of CNET Content Solutions' consistent dedication to product improvement and customer satisfaction. For a more detailed outline of ChannelOnline features and improvements, see the ChannelOnline 7.0 Announcement.

Existing customers, please contact ChannelOnline customer service at if you have any questions or want to learn more about the new functionality. If you are a reseller interested in learning how ChannelOnline can help you run a more efficient and successful business, please contact a ChannelOnline representative at 877.276.5560 or

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