Customer Management

Through ChannelOnlineā€™s detailed customer relationship management (CRM) features you can track all of your customers, contacts, sales opportunities and tasks.

Customers & Contacts

Create and edit customer company information, billing and shipping addresses, settings, individual contacts and special notes within each company.

Line Item Actions

Assign Catalogs

Support for multiple catalogs means you can designate which catalogs your customers have access to.

Custom Feilds

Set Pricing

The customer's assigned Price Profile determines, based on rules you define, what pricing they will receive when you generate a quote or when they log into a store.

Order Options


Set a specific rate or use ChannelOnline to automatically calculate a customer's tax rate based on their city and zip code.

Supplier Cost Availability

Delivery Methods

Use ChannelOnline's established connections with the major carriers  (UPS, FedEx and USPS) and assign specific delivery methods for each customer.

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