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The Evolution Of Online Procurement - ChannelOnline
  • The Evolution Of Online Procurement

  • Sunday, January 10, 2016

We live in an e-commerce society. People not only shop online, but they also bank, research, and use online tools to help them stay connected with family and friends. This rapidly changing online environment has created a steep change in the purchasing processes used by procurement professionals across all verticals. Today, VARs and Solution Providers are battling the “Amazon Experience” and “CDW Effect”. Research and procurement by corporate procurement teams for IT hardware and managed services has shifted away from the standard PDF quote and has evolved into an online transaction. 

As mentioned, product sourcing and procurement is evolving! Gone are the days of sending a fax, email, or pdf document to your procurement professional for a approval. Purchasing decisions today are made with a click of the mouse. Corporate (B2B) procurement now closely resembles the way people work in their personal lives - online! has reported that in 2015, U.S.-based e-commerce is predicted to reach $350 billion. This is a staggering number, and it cuts across all verticals including Corporate, Consumer, SMB, Government, and Educational.

Many backoffice procurement systems and e-commerce software solutions exist in the marketplace, but few contain both in the same package. It is important that the procurement system be directly tied into a full functioning e-commerce storesite for complete integration. There are many benefits to having one system run both parts of the business solution. Seamless order, product, and customer data exchange is key to offering customers a great experience. Package this with customizable stores, and VARs and Solution Providers have an opportunity to create a greater level of entanglement with their existing clients (B2B), or as a development tool for expanding business to new clients (B2C).

As an all-in-one ecommerce solution, ChannelOnline’s template-based storesites enable VARs to create a custom store that reflects their company marketing and branding strategies. Every store comes pre-loaded with rich CNET DataSource product content, which includes high resolution images, product overviews, and detailed specifications. Some of the primary benefits of offering an online store are lower operating costs, increased customer retention, fewer ordering errors, and the ability to maximize profitability on every order.

Many stores can be operated as a stand-alone storefront or can be integrated into an existing company website via an iframe or with URL linking, providing an end-to-end customer experience.

Things to look for in a hosted store:

  • Two unique modes: Private or Public

    • Private Store: A private store requires a username and password to gain access. Once logged in, the user has access to their unique pricing, custom product catalog, and full account history.

    • Public Store Option: This is a store that is open to anyone on the Internet. Customers are allowed to shop and build carts and electronically purchase products directly from you using any number of payment options that you provide, including credit card.

  • Quick Product Search: Turn-key categorization system that is easy to navigate and ready to use for your marketplace.

  • Detailed Product Data: Automatically pairs rich product information with supplier products, so you don’t have to.

  • Multiple Catalog and Pricing Support: Offers multiple catalogs and different pricing options to a single customer - Not 'one price fits all'

  • Customer Purchase Approval Levels: Allows for different buyers from the same company different authorization to make and approve purchases.

ChannelOnline stores are mobile friendly, and with their powerful search capabilities and easy checkout process, the store will truly make shopping faster, safer, and more enjoyable for your customers.

If you would like a live demo of a ChannelOnline storesite, please contact the ChannelOnline sales team at 877-276-5560 or submit an interest form.