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The Benefits of Giving a Live Business Presentation - ChannelOnline
  • The Benefits of Giving a Live Business Presentation

  • Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The typical business proposal consists of multiple sections, but a live sales presentation can help drive clients your way by providing a clear, concise vision that summarizes it. As a result, your clients understand the key points of your business presentation without having to wade through it all there and then.

Typically, a business proposal to a client consists of:

  • What your company offers
  • The problems you aim to solve
  • How you solved similar problems in the past
  • How your solutions have been received by other clients

However, this process can take a little while to read through, and for this reason, business proposals tend to be many pages long. If you are able to do a live presentation, summarize your business proposal into the main talking points so that potential clients understand what you do and how you do it.

This ensures you can:

  • Focus on key pain points for the client
  • Customize the presentation to each client
  • Build trust
  • Easily refer back to the presentation at a later date

An audio presentation also enables you to answer questions that the client may want answered immediately. This would all be backed by your business proposal, of course, but in many cases, the client may not want to wade through dozens of pages to find out key points.

A good sales presentation also enables you to interact with the client and find out more about the pain points that they are experiencing and lets you adjust your sales presentation on the fly. This provides the customization that each client needs. Similarly, this ensures you can target particular pain points in any follow-up correspondence.

A powerful sales presentation helps to refine your understanding of your clients' needs and ensure that your business proposal covers the essential points. ChannelOnline makes it simple to see what you've offered your clients and document the entire process so that you can go from pitch to sale in a few easy steps.