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The Benefits of Giving a Live Business Presentation

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The typical business proposal consists of multiple sections, but a live sales presentation can help drive clients your way by providing a clear, concise vision that summarizes it. As a result, your clients understand the key points of your business presentation without having to wade through it all there and then. Typically, a business proposal to a client consists of: What your company offers The problems you aim to solve How you solved similar problems in the past How your solutions have been received by other clients However, this process can take a little while to rea Read More...

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Components of a Good Sales Proposal

Thursday, June 01, 2017

A good sales proposal increases the likelihood that your prospective client will choose your business over another, but what goes into a good sales proposal? While the specific details vary considerably across industries and products, there are some key concepts that a good sales proposal covers. Highlight Your Customer’s Needs You need to show you understand what your customer needs and how your product accomplishes this. Start by reiterating the challenge or pain points that your customer is experiencing, and show what would happen if those issues are not resolved — a Read More...

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What you need to know about B2B eProcurement and PunchOut Catalogs

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Guest Author: Kari Cress, PunchOut2Go The use of eProcurement systems within the business-to-business sales channel continues to expand as more companies seek to improve operational efficiencies and contain costs. eProcurement systems give B2B buyers access to a web-based application (referred to as a PunchOut catalog) to browse supplier catalogs online, add items to a shopping cart, and submit the purchase requisition electronically through their procurement system. This technology helps sourcing and procurement departments within buying organizations: leverage sp Read More...

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The Evolution Of Online Procurement

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Evolution Of Online Procurement We live in an e-commerce society. People not only shop online, but they also bank, research, and use online tools to help them stay connected with family and friends. This rapidly changing online environment has created a steep change in the purchasing processes used by procurement professionals across all verticals. Today, VARs and Solution Providers are battling the “Amazon Experience” and “CDW Effect”. Research and procurement by corporate procurement teams for IT hardware and managed services has shifted away from the standard PDF quote and has evolved into an online transaction.  Read More...

Author: Andrew Halbeck